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Rock Enka Music Is The Only Music We Want In Samurai Warriors 4



The power of Rock is rather legendary. It’s a real thing, if you believe. And no one knows it better than Motochika Chosokabe, who believes in it so wholeheartedly, he is the epitome of Samurai Warriors 4’s characters’ abilities to rock out and blow up mountains of troops.


Others believe in it, too, including Motochika’s lovely concubine Koshosho (below), who uses her looks and natural star power to simply bowl over anyone who wants a piece of her.



Yoshihiro Shimazu:

Others believe in the other kind of rock, like the elderly Yoshihiro Shimazu, head of the Shimazu clan. That barrel-sized head on his hammer rocks the earth with great holes and poundings. Actually, that could just be him on the drums.



Toyohisa Shimazu:

The younger Shimazu, Toyohisa, can’t quite heft that big ol’ hammer of his grandfather just yet. So he’s training with a huge axehead instead, which is nonetheless perfectly capable of cleaving a man right in two if it lands a hit.



Samurai Warriors 4 will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Vita March 20th in Japan.