Following development of Zeno Clash, Atlus are teaming up once again with Ace Team to publish a game titled Rock of Ages. While we knew about the title prior to E3, we weren’t entirely sure what kind of game it was.


Now we do…sort of. Rock of Ages looks like a tower defense game with a twist. The meat of it involves you attacking enemy armies and castles (either CPU-controlled or by another player) with a giant, rolling boulder. In turn, you also have to defend your own kingdom against enemy attacks using a variety of units and power-ups. Judging from Atlus’ teaser trailer, it appears you would do this by strategically placing your units to slow the boulder down so it can’t break past your castle gate.


Rock of Ages takes you through the Goya, Renaissance, Rococo, and Gothic periods of artistic history. Atlus plan to release Rock of Ages as a digital download. You can look forward to playing it in spring of next year.


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