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Rockin’ Android Blog: A Sneak Peek At Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition


Wow, 2010 has been a great year for us at RockinAndroid! After successful PC launches of some of our titles, we dove straight into the PlayStation Network. This has been a game changer for us. It has allowed us access to a wider audience, as well as one of the best gaming platforms out there. While we’ve received our fair share of emails regarding Xbox 360 and Steam, please rest assured that in 2011 you’ll see Rockin’ Android titles on more platforms and digital download services. We have not forgotten the PC by a long shot, and we’d love for Rockin’ Android games to be available to fans of all platforms.


Due to the strong response we received on the PSN, we’ve been able to not only localize, but in most cases make enhancements to the PSN versions. With Crescent Pale Mist we were able to add new character art and make subtle accessibility tweaks. We have yet to release an official announcement, but Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition (AoSXE) is coming to the PSN in early 2011. Just to give you and idea of what we’re up to, here’s a revamped drawing of Suguri. It’s not just revamped character art, but also brand new frames of animation. All characters have received this treatment from talented independent artist, Keiko Sakurai with the blessing of the game’s creator.




This is a very exciting time for us! We hope that you’ll join us in 2011 as we expand our roster of games and begin to work on our new top secret IP.


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Happy New Years from Rockin’ Android!

Adam Milecki - Editor