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Rodea the Sky Soldier Will Have You Fight A Machine Empire In The Sky



Kadokawa recently revealed that Rodea the Sky Soldier, their upcoming NiGHTS-like flying action game is still alive, and is headed to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS this spring. Famitsu follows up with a bit on the game’s story and some screenshots.



Rodea the Sky Soldier takes place on a floating continent known as “Garuda”. There lives a young girl brimming with curiosity, named Ion, who discovers a mechanized soldier that was once known as the “Warlock,” according to scriptures of Garuda legends found in an ancient ruins.



This robot, named Rodea, can’t fully recollect his memories from the past, and his right arm was completely destroyed.


At the same time, the Machine Empire Naga of the land has revived after 1,000 years of being dormant. They aim to get the “Gravity Energy” that sleeps in Garuda, and readied their machine army corps to invade and attack. In order to protect the confused and frightened people of Garuda, Rodea and Ion step up to face the machine army.


There are many mysteries behind that game that will unravel throughout Rodea and Ion’s journey. Why does Rodea still remember the “fierce battle” after his other memories have been lost? Who is the girl he remembers that looked exactly like Ion? What’s the true identity behind the Machine Empire Naga?



Rodea the Sky Soldier will release in Spring 2015 in Japan for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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