As you may recall, Kadokawa Games held a press conference in Japan this past Thursday, where they showed off Rodea the Sky Soldier, developed by Sonic the Hedgehog creator, Yuji Naka’s studio, Prope. We now have a trailer from that same conference, courtesy of Famitsu.


Rodea the Sky Soldier is a Wii and Nintendo 3DS game. The Wii version is controlled using simply the Wii remote. The trailer above shows lead character, Rodea, in flight. This is done by pointing the Wii remote wherever you want to fly. You can press the B trigger to get there faster. The A button makes Rodea use a gun attack.


No details have been revealed about the 3DS version of the game so far. There’s a good chance that Rodea the Sky Soldier will make it over to the U.S., considering Kadokawa have already trademarked the localized name.


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