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Roguelike Action RPG Astrologia Odyssey IV Announced For PS4, PS Vita, And PC



Publisher Mediascape announced that Studio Alpha Line is joining in on the Play,Doujin! project, and they’re releasing their first console game with Astrologia Odyssey IV: Chronos Reflection on PS4, PS Vita, and PC.


Here’s a trailer that shows the current build of the game.


The Astrologia Odyssey series that is set in a world of constellations and heavenly bodies with a magical girls story motif has released three titles on PC and is headed to PlayStation platforms for the first time.


The “STG Combo Action,” (STG is what they use for “shooting game” in Japan) will have you dodge enemy bullets and counter with your own shots. The game will have you make your own parties to explore the hack-and-slash dungeons.


Dungeons are randomly-generated and will let you explore and take on stages in 2D action, with the style of a roguelike game.


Here are the three main game concepts:

  • Create parties and make your way through dungeons in this 2D side-scrolling action RPG.


  • Randomly-generated stages for hack-and-slash exploration parts and boss stage parts.


  • Difficulty changes along with your level, attributes, and player skill (combo attacks).


Astrologia Odyssey IV: Chronos Reflection releases in 2017 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC. The PS4 and PS Vita versions will also be “cross-buy,” meaning getting one version will also get you the other with no extra cost. It’ll be available for 500 yen when it releases.

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