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Rollers Of The Realm Combines A Medieval RPG With A Pinball Game



Rollers of the Realm is a medieval RPG stuffed into the pinball game format. So yes, each of the heroes in your party are represented by pinballs, and you need to use flippers to roll them into their enemies.


It has been released worldwide on Steam for $9.99, and is also available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America with a 10% launch discount. Europe get the PlayStation versions on November 26th.


As with most RPGs, Rollers of the Realm has its own cast of playable characters, each with their own unique abilities that they bring to the pinball. There is also equipment upgrades, treasure and secrets to hunt down, mana, hidden items, and secret abilities to discover.


The tables in this case are very different than they are in your typical pinball game, as they are alive; they’re town squares, a blacksmiths, and a graveyard to name a few. As this is the case, all parts of the table can take damage, including your flippers, and so they’ll change over the course of the level.


Most of the time you won’t be worrying about the condition of the table, though, as you’ll be concentrating on launching your pinball people into the armies that run towards you brandishing swords and crossbows.


You can find out more about Rollers of the Realm on its website.

Chris Priestman