Romance Awaits In Your Kitchen With Fridge-Dating Game Cold Hearts



Cold Hearts tells a story of love and refrigerators – of those kind, food giving companions who offer players some delicious succor during difficult points in their lives.


Players will act as a genderless protagonist going through a difficult period in their life after their father passes away. Unable to talk to people and withdrawing from the world, the protagonist spirals into a deep depression, one that only seemed to be temporarily cured by a nightly trip to the fridge for some food. This happens until, one night, the fridge that the protagonist looked forward to raiding came to them instead.

Players will meet a handful of personified fridges, each a woman they can talk to and get closer to, in this serious tale with a ridiculous premise. It offers seven different character routes, each allowing for connections with these various fridge-women, with multiple choices and interactions that will guide the story. Players looking to get all of the endings in one go can feel free to skip or rewind steps, allowing them to easily maneuver through the story to different decisions.


Despite its silly premise, Cold Heart looks to take a serious look into the dark moments in people’s lives, exploring themes of loneliness and the meaning of life as the player tries to figure out why refrigerators are becoming women.

A demo is available for the first chapter of Cold Hearts on

Alistair Wong
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