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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Details Search, Royal Rank, Campaign, Duels, And Officer Creation


The official website for Romance of Three Kingdoms XIV has been updated with more info on the game’s systems, like royal rank, campaign and duels, as well as the ability to create your own officers.

Check out the latest info below:


By using “Search”, player may find free officers and specialties, and may also earn gold even if officers or specialties cannot be found. Since recruiting numerous talented individuals before other forces can lead to conquering territories, players should take the initiative in executing searches.

Officers who possess the characters “Insightful” and “Recruiter” have advantages such as shortening the number of days required for search and employ, so assigning officers with these characters to search missions is vital.

Royal Rank, Civil Service

By increasing the scale of the force, a ruler can raise their “Royal Rank”. When the “Royal Rank” increases, the abilities of the force expands such as being able to surround and conquer opponents, and designate the timing to activate optional tactics to troops.

In addition, rulers can appoint retainer officers a “Civil Service” according to their own Royal Rank.
When an officer is appointed a civil service, the number of troops they can lead increases and some abilities will increase, but the stipend paid to the officer will also increase.
The stipend of an officer with a “Greedy” character will be doubled, but the stipend of an officer with an “Unselfish” character will be halved, so it is important to balance these costs against money obtained.
An officer’s civil service can be lowered, but the loyalty of that officer will also be lowered so be careful when managing civil services.


When the scale of the force increases and the ruler’s Royal Rank reaches “Duke” or higher, the “Campaign” command can be executed.
“Campaign“ is a command that target district units to attack provinces, thereby deploying a large number of units simultaneously from multiple bases.

In the latter half of the game, strategies are developed on a provincial scale, changing the thought process to larger scale unit operations.
Regular marches require a single order for each unit, whereas Campaigns can be executed with a single order for all units.


During battles, “Duels” may occur between the lead officers of units.
“Duels” proceed automatically in this game, and the officer with the most health remaining after 5 matches or reduces the opponent’s health to zero wins.
An officer defeated in duels may be wounded, captured, or killed, and the morale of the unit he leads will be greatly reduced. Since a unit is annihilated when its morale reaches zero, a duels defeat may lead to the annihilation of a unit.
Officers with the character “Heroic”, “Duelist”, and “Vigorous” are more likely to encounter duels, and officers with “Duelist” and “Vigorous” characters are advantageous in duels so officers with these character traits play an important role in battles.

Officer Creation

Players are able to create their own officers, from name and look, down to their abilities. Furthermore, the officer’s politics, character traits, tactics, and favorite formations are also customizable.
Players are also able to search for officers with unique character traits, and recruit them for battle. Officers with character traits such as “Insightful” or “Recruiter” can scout other officers, furthering your campaign.

Finally, a new Developer Diary has been shared, featuring producer Kazuhiro Echigoya talking about the direction of the latest game:

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV will appear on the PlayStation 4 and PC in Japan on January 16, 2020. It will appear outside of Japan in early 2020.

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