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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Triumphs With A New Trailer



Koei Tecmo released a new trailer for its upcoming strategy game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV, where we get to check some of its over-1,000 officers and tactical gameplay.



Here’s more about the game:

  • Triumph over the land, take charge of the fate of China! Conquer territories and fly your colors! – The game’s map showcases the territory captured and the thrill of expansion using a simplified color system. Everything from war to diplomatic affairs will be geared toward managing and gathering land as players attempt to spread their strategies at will across the vast China map.
  • More uniquely personified officers to lead to reunite the empire! – Greater individuality among characters will also be on display, with officers from the Three Kingdoms like Liu Bei and Guan Yu asserting themselves at various situations in order to fully immerse players into the game’s rich history
  • Rulers with different convictions and tactics bring about myriad gameplay! – With organisations now determined through each ruler’s ideals, different game experiences are now possible via different rulers. Even within the same faction, different policies now bring with them different strategies for expansion, making the wise use of various officers a cornerstone of advanced gameplay.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV releases for PlayStation 4 and PC in Japan on January 16, 2020. It’ll release sometime in early 2020 in North America and Europe. Check our previous report for more details and a look at its TGS 2019 trailer.

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