Romancing Saga Prefecture 2022 collaboration features trains

Romancing SaGa-Saga Prefecture 2022 Collaboration Will Feature Trains

The same-name collaboration between Romancing SaGa and Japan’s Saga prefecture will permeate into more aspects in 2022, and this time, it will feature the public trains. Square Enix has announced a collaboration with JR Kyushu to decorate trains running in the prefecture with Romancing SaGa designs.

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The organizers have prepared a map of railways where people can expect to see the trains, starting from the Saga Station in the southeast. JR Kyushu will also sell a special ticket that lets the buyer ride any SaGa-branded trains for two consecutive days.

All sixteen trains that pass through the above railways will receive unique Romancing SaGa liveries. Each livery will feature drawings by series illustrators Tomomi Kobayashi and Satoshi Kuramochi on one side and pixel art characters on the other.

Square Enix has also published a teaser trailer for the new collaboration on the SaGa series’ YouTube channel:

The collaboration between the game franchise and the Japanese prefecture with a similar name has run multiple times for a long time. The first-ever occurrence happened in 2014. The 2020 edition introduced new utility hole covers with unique designs based on the crossover. Another one that began in 2021 features Saga Furo (a wordplay between the abbreviation for SaGa Frontier and the Japanese word for baths) and is still available to visit until December 28, 2022.

The new Romancing SaGa train designs will appear in Japan’s Saga prefecture on October 8, 2022.

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