Romancing SaGa Teams Up With A Professional Japanese Soccer Club



As part of the SaGa series’ 25th anniversary last year, Square Enix collaborated with Japan’s Saga Prefecture with various events. This year, they’re teaming up again, and adding a little more to the mix by teaming up with a Saga soccer club.


In addition to the above collaboration image between Romancing SaGa and Saga Prefecture’s J. League Division 1 squad Sagan Tosu, the collaboration will have a special something featuring the game held on June 20th between Sagan Tosu and FC Tokyo.


During the match, Square Enix will feature Romancing SaGa BGM in the stadium, along with some more from an MC, who’ll have more to share. The event will feature a stamp rally event (a gimmick used to entice visitors to visit vendors) along with limited original collaboration goods that will only available on that day.

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