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Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight Gets Story And Gameplay Details, New Screenshots



Nippon Ichi Software updated the official website for Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight with details on story, gameplay, along with a look at its first screenshots.




She find herself in a castle where time had been lost.

There are two that wake up in a collapsed dungeon.

A girl with cursed prickly vines on her back, Rose.

A round, big, swirly, and powerful, Giant.

The two will help each other, as they advance through the old castle.

A cruel fate awaits ahead… and the girl still doesn’t know.




  • Old Castle: An old castle that has been lost in time and cursed by thorny briers. The place is covered in vines and is in ruins. Rose, Giant, and the briers—all the mysteries will be unfolded.


  • Power of Thorns: Rose’s ability. She can absorb the power of blood from others, and transfer it to other things. Those that lose the blood power (the colorless) also lose time, and come to a stop.




  • Rose:


rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-3 rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-4


A girl who was passed out in the dungeons of the ruins. When she woke up, she notices cursed thorns on her back. She normally lives in a monastery. She wishes to escape from the dangerous old castle, and return to her home. However, it isn’t by coincidence that Rose finds herself in the old castle, with a past that will lead to a cruel fate.


  • Giant:


 rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-6 rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-7



The Giant was asleep in the depth of the old castle. Rose finds it by a collapsed wall and brings it back to life. Its face is swirly and you can’t tell what it’s thinking, but it helps Rose. Perhaps it is kindhearted. It appears to have been created a long time ago. It has a gentle touch. The Giant is a creature full of mysteries.


Game Overview:


rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-9 rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-10

Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight is an action game that requires clearing stages. Using Rose’s blood (red) and the “Power of Thorns,” along with help from the Giant, your goal is to make it out of the old castle.


Game System:


rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-12 rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-13

  • Power of Thorns: The ability to take blood power and place it elsewhere. The old castle has things with blood power (red things) which moves with time, and those without blood power that has come to a spot. Using the two, you can switch colors and bring back time to different objects. With a good understanding of the characteristics, you’ll be able to work around time and your way through the stages.




  • Herculean Strength: Giant can use his huge body’s super strength to carry or throw colored objects. You’ll basically get help from Giant for moving objects around that Rose wouldn’t be able to on her own.


Concept Design:

rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-16 rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-17

rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-18 rose-to-tasogare-no-kojou_160121-19


First-Print Premium Box:


Price: 6,458 yen.


Includes the following:


  • Box with artwork by Masayuki Furuya.


  • Art book (12.5cm×15cm, 36 pages)


  • Original Soundtrack by Hajime Sugie


  • Rose Rubber Strap



The shop will also have its own limited edition version, which features everything from the Premium Box, along with an original canvas illustration with a replica signature (size W275mm×H220mm×D19mm) for 8,980 yen.


Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight will release in Japan on April 28, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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