RPG Colors: Chromatics Lets Players Get Conversational With Foes


Colors: Chromatics doesn’t always want players to beat down its enemies as they work through a world drained of all colors, as sometimes a quick talk can offer far greater rewards.


Color is very important in Colors: Chromatics, which became apparent when all color disappeared from the world overnight. Now, the player has to guide a handful of heroes to figure out why the colors are all gone, battling spirits as they look for answers. To do so effectively, players will need to watch the colors of the battlefield in a fight, as these will affect player’s’ stats and abilities in specific ways. Luckily, players can change these colors should they need to, but they should always be keeping the field color in mind to win a fight.

Not that battle is the only way to win. Some enemies may not necessarily want to be fighting, which players can figure out through the Talk ability. Talking with foes can offer special rewards, meaning players may want to stop for a quick conversation often. There may be downsides to gabbing when one should be fighting, though, so players may wish to take care with this power.


Colors: Chromatics is in development, with a demo available through GameJolt.

Alistair Wong
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