In RPG Linked Worlds, NPC Lives Change With Your Every Step

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Events and NPCs won’t stand around waiting for the player in Linked Worlds. In-game time passes with every action the player takes, and if they run out of time to catch a certain moment or meet a certain person, it will be gone forever.




In Linked Worlds, the adopted son of King Magnus finds himself fighting against an ancient evil that has slipped its seal. To do so, he’ll need the player’s help to navigate the game’s grid-like world, using to factor in movements while exploring or damage radiuses in combat.


Linked Worlds features a day/night cycle, and also factors the time of day into NPC activities and in-game events. For every step the player takes, one minute of in-game time will pass, and players will need to factor this in when they go looking for certain characters. Some NPCs will even die after a set amount of time has passed, so players will need to take care with the time they use.




Linked Worlds is currently in mid-development, although a demo is available for the game through its GameJolt page.

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