RPG Maker Unite Release Date Delayed Until 2023

RPG Maker Unite Release Date Delayed Until 2023

The latest entry in the RPG Maker series was supposed to show up this year. Now Gotcha Gotcha Games announced the RPG Maker Unite release date won’t fall in 2022, as it is delayed until 2023. The new estimated launch window is Spring 2023. When it does appear, it will only be on Unity Asset Store initially. A Steam release will follow sometime after.

Here is the official Gotcha Gotcha Games update. It cited “optimization” and “back-end coordination” as the causes for the delay.

RPG Maker Unite, our latest title in development originally slated for a 2022 launch, will be postponed to Spring 2023 in order to refine its user experience to provide a smoother developmental experience for all users.

RPG Maker Unite is the most unique RPG Maker iteration to date. With Unite, we aim to bring RPG Maker onto the popular Unity Editor while maintaining the non-coding nature of the series. Due to this, in addition to improved features (character animation, parallax mapping, etc.) and new additions (outline editor, auto-guide, etc.) that we have introduced in the past announcements, a considerable amount of work on optimization is required to ensure smooth running and proper back-end coordination with the Unity Editor. As such we regret to announce that we need to deviate from the original 2022 launch plan in order to provide the most satisfying user experience we possibly can.

In addition, we would like to announce that RPG Maker Unite will be launched first on the Unity Asset Store. While we originally wanted to launch on Steam and Unity Asset Store simultaneously, we felt that it made more sense to launch it on the Unity Asset Store first whose users already have a basic understanding of how to install the Unity Editor. In order to provide a smooth installation and developmental process for users starting fresh using the Unity Editor, the Steam version will arrive slightly later with a more optimized installation process more fitting for traditional customers of RPG Maker series.

We apologize for the inconvenience for those who cannot wait to use RPG Maker Unite, and greatly appreciate your patience and understanding!

As a reminder, RPG Maker Unite is known for being an entry in the series that will use Unity Engine. It will include new features designed to make the game creation process more user-friendly. For example, its Auto-Guide is designed to let the program itself handle balancing for enemy stats. So it will handle scaling and power. That can also be used to automatically balance elements tied to characters, like equipment strength. It also includes its own built-in Plugin Manager called Addon Manager, so someone could quickly make modules active or not.

To get a better idea of what to expect, here’s a trailer showing the program off.

The RPG Maker Unite release date will fall in Spring 2023, following it being delayed out of 2022. It will be available for Windows and Macs.

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