RPG Questr Treats Party Creation & Monster Fighting Like Online Dating



Questr makes gentle fun of dating apps and RPG party management, having players use a Tinder-like app to choose who will follow them on adventures. However, lying, personality clashes, and other personal problems with hiring strangers may make questing difficult.


Questr has players choose which maps and adventures they wish to go on, making decisions on how each adventure plays out. What adds complexity to these missions is the procedurally-generated party members players can acquire, each made up of a mixture of one of twenty personality types, six races, six occupations, and three alignments. Players will get a chance to look at a profile for each of these random characters, swiping right if they wish to hire them or left if they don’t.

These party members add trouble and in-fighting to the game’s thirty silly possible encounters. Some personality types will clash and add additional problems for players to work out, and also have their own likes and dislikes for how things are dealt with. Players will need to juggle all of the personalities at work in their party, making calls on how to stop fights or choosing to ignore them (at their peril) as they try to get to the end of their particular story.


Questr is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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