In RPG The Tenth Line, Even Levelling Up Is Its Own game

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RPG The Tenth Line offers multiple layers of play, from its turn based combat to its side card game to its levelling up minigame, ensuring players are engaged at all turns.




The player will help guide a princess as she avoids the clutches of a cult after the king’s assassination, joining with a band of beastmen, rogues, and others. Working together with the player, they seek to return the princess to her family and overcome the chaos of these troubled times.


Players will fight against groups of monsters and fighters as they make their journey. Large groups of foes await, with up to a dozen enemies able to fight the party all at once. Active time elements will help players do more damage and protect themselves from their foes’ attacks by acting with proper timing, though, helping turn the tide against the enemies.




Should the player do well in combat, they can gain power levels, although the player can’t just passively use these to make their character stronger or gain abilities. Using them will start a small minigame, having players solve its puzzles to grow in power. Barring that, players can also use multiple items and treasures to make their characters tougher in a fight.


Should players grow tired of trying to help the princess, the can take a break and play Quad Pro Quo, an in-game card game that players can play against NPCs. They can also collect all new cards while playing it, adding yet another game to play within The Tenth Line’s world.



The Tenth Line is set to release in Spring of 2017. A demo is available through, and the game is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

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