Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team Is About Team Puzzle Solving In Broken Spacetime


Spacetime has all but entirely collapsed, with reality being bent into a shifting, dangerous mess save for a small safe spot called The Safe. It’s from here that a pair of puzzle-solving characters set out to find survivors in the rubble of time in Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team, a game where puzzles are solved by using two characters at once.


Reality is a bit of a quivering mess, and players can work to deal with that alone or with a friend, as they control two characters who need to work together to solve puzzles. Ruby the human can push heavy objects and carry gems, mechanisms, and other things, while Majesty the bat can fly over pits and pull chains. These seemingly simple mechanics, when used in tandem, will let players solve the game’s many complicated puzzles.

With spacetime breaking down, the stages of Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team have become masses of mixed-up reality, with open pits, spikes, and moving walls making life difficult for the pair. Not only this, but creatures born of this break in reality wander as well, and contact with them is lethal. Players must avoid all of these dangers while moving their characters around the maps, figuring out how to unlock the way forward while also keeping both characters out of harm’s way.


Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team is currently in development and is raising funding through Kickstarter, with a demo available through GameJolt.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!