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Rumor: FFIV DS Remake & FFXII International?



Perhaps when Square-Enix said Nintendo fans would be really happy, maybe this is what they meant.


NeoGAF user Melville uncovered a blog post from Japanese blogging site FF13 Vids where the author of the blog makes mention of a Final Fantasy IV DS remake to be announced at the Square-Enix party this weekend. This remake, according to the blog post, will make use of the same engine Final Fantasy III DS was built on which will improve the game’s graphics. Furthermore, the blog notes that the game is near completion which sort of backs up the author’s claim about it being unveiled at the Square-Enix party. If this is true, then wow! This means that Square-Enix is catering to both their oldschool fans and newschool fans right?


The blog post also makes mention of Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System (PS2), obviously a newer version of Final Fantasy XII, with a release date of August 9th of this year. Whether or not that’s even true is unknown to me; but considering how Final Fantasy X International was released not even a full year after Final Fantasy X in Japan, this might hold true. The same can also be said of Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy X-2: International + Final Mission. The main feature of the game will consist of each of the game’s characters having their own License Board as opposed to the way it was where everyone’s board was practically the same.


Whether or not these rumors have any validity is up in the air, but we can just wait for the Square-Enix party to verify them right?. Personally, should the Final Fantasy IV DS remake be true, I can’t wait for a 3D chibi Tellah shouting to Edward, "YOU SPOONY BARD!"

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