Rumor: Retro Studios Working On Star Fox Grand Prix



    A rumor has been going around recently that Retro Studios, confirmed by Nintendo to be working on a game, is actually working on Star Fox Grand Prix, a racing game based on the franchise.


    Reddit user DasVergeben posted five days ago on the Star Fox subreddit, mentioning that the game will be will be “something like Diddy Kong Racing mixed with F-Zero essentially”, leaning towards F-Zero style gameplay. There will be an adventure mode, boss fights, and a hub world.


    Shortly afterwards, the above logo image appeared on 4chan, with the poster saying, “all true”. Finally, Eurogamer editor Tom Phillips wrote an article on the rumor yesterday, saying that they have heard similar details about Retro Studio’s game, although the name was new to him.


    The previous game in the Star Fox series was Star Fox Zero, which is available for Nintendo Wii U.

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