The week prior couldn’t have been a happy one for Sony. Just as last year, for whatever reason, Sony are having trouble keeping their E3 reveals under wraps. Last week’s leaks brought news of a stereoscopic 3D Killzone 3 and, more intriguingly, details on a potential paid-for PlayStation Network subscription.


The “PSN+” service, as a rumour at Joystiq calls it, is supposed to allow free access to a single PlayStation Network game every month, and more importantly, allow non-paying subscribers to partake in online multiplayer with the rest of the community, unlike Microsoft’s Xbox Live Silver accounts.


However, the Joystiq also believe PSN+ will grant subscribers access to demo the first hour of full retail titles, with an option to purchase the game after the hour is up. Being able to sample the first hour will still require one to download the entire game, however.


As always, we’d recommend taking the news with a pinch of salt. That said, rumours of a paid-for PSN subscription have been circulating for years now, and this news shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.


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