Run A Galactic Gas Station In Cosmo’s Quickstop


    Players will have to hurry as customers land at their intergalactic rest stop, helping alien life forms get gas, grab something to eat, get a quick shower, and have work done on their starships in Cosmo’s Quickstop.


    Various alien customers have different needs throughout Cosmo’s Quickstop, and players can deal with these issues by rushing all over the station, playing minigames to keep things clean, pump gas, and clear out old filters. However, it will be up to the player to choose which task is the most pressing, hurrying around the rest stop to keep everything from falling apart.

    As players deal with the influx of strange aliens and stranger needs, they will make money that will let them customize the facility in various ways. From this, players can take their run-down Quickstop and turn it into a huge facility, but one that will still require some quick thinking and fast play to keep running.


    Cosmo’s Quickstop is still in development, but players wishing to test their multitasking minigame abilities can sign up for the game’s mailing list of its site.

    Alistair Wong
    Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!

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