Run & Gun Game Gunnihilation Features Four Player Co-Op



Up to four players can work together to fight back against the endless waves of bullets and enemies in run & gun game Gunnihilation.




Players will face a constant stream of soldiers, robots, and vehicles as they shoot their way through the game’s stages. They’ll be dodging a lot of gunfire from their foes, as the game draws inspiration from bullet hell shmups as well as Metal Slug and Contra, forcing them to make some tight maneuvers together to avoid getting shot.




Creative players will also be able to add their own challenges for their friends with the game’s built-in level editor.




An alpha demo for Gunnihilation is available now on The game is on Steam Greenlight to raise votes for an Early Access release scheduled for sometime this Summer. It’s full release is projected for first quarter 2017.

Alistair Wong
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