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Run & Hide From The Monsters Of Indian Survival Horror Game Dear Charlotte



A strange outbreak pits an unnamed protagonist against humanoid monstrosities, forcing the player to use their wits and reflexes to stay out of their hands in survival horror game Dear Charlotte.




The only guidance during the outbreak is coming from one of the research scientists at the medical facility, Dr Kremlin. The doctor seems a little unstable, though, as he’s possibly the one who caused the outbreak and claims he also created the protagonist. Players will need to decide whether to follow the man’s advice throughout the facility, choosing whether they should trust his words or not.




Inspired by games like SOMA and Outlast, resources will be scarce, and players will need to stay hidden from the monsters or risk being ripped apart.




Dear Charlotte, which is being developed in India, will be released episodically, with this first piece explaining how the protagonist escaped the medical facility.

Alistair Wong
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