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Rune Factory 3 Special Carmen Romance Guide

Rune Factory 3 Carmen
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Of all the bachelorettes in Rune Factory 3 Special, Carmen is the tomboy option. You’ll encounter her early on, as her first request is the tutorial teaching you how to fish. She lives with her brother Carlos at the fishing shack. They have a close relationship, so if you want to romance her, you’ll need to win Carlos over too.

Where Do You Find Carmen in Rune Factory 3 Special?

Carmen can typically be found around the fishing shack to the south of the main shopping area. You will usually find either her or her brother Carlos running the shop or fishing outside. If she’s wandering around, she can typically be found somewhere you can fish, including outside the bathhouse.

Rainbow Falls in Oddward Valley is the only date spot with a place to fish. Unsurprisingly, this makes it the ideal place to take Carmen on a date.

What Gifts Do You Give Carmen in Rune Factory 3 Special?

As she’s a fisherwoman, most of the gifts she loves involve fish. If you can catch a Snapper or fish up a Legendary Scale, she’ll appreciate these gifts. She does accept any other fish, but they’re less impressive to her.

She will also appreciate seafood meals, although her favorites are the more complex Seafood Doria, Seafood Pizza and Seafood Gratin. All these require a high Cooking skill level and an Oven.

Rune Factory 3 Carmen Conversation

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How Do You Trigger Heart Events with Carmen in Rune Factory 3 Special?

  • 1 Heart: “Fishing Lessons from the Master” Bulletin Board Request. For this request, Carmen will teach you how to fish, hand you a rod and ask you to catch a single Spring fish. Should be easy at the start of the game, but if it’s not Spring, you can catch fish in Privera Forest.
  • 2 Hearts: “Skill Development Check” Bulletin Board request. Just like the first request, Carmen wants you to catch fish for her. She’ll ask for two Summer fish, which can be found in Sol Terrano Desert if it isn’t already Summer.
  • 3 Hearts: “Couldja Gimme a Hand?” Bulletin Board request. Carmen needs her Sashimi Knife sharpened. Simply take it to Gaius at the weapon shop then return it to her.
  • 4 Hearts: “Got Some Questions For Ya” Bulletin Board request. Carmen wants to ask about what girls you like. Select the answers that best correspond to her (e.g. “active girls” instead of “gentle girls”) for the best result.
  • 5 Hearts: “Date Time!” Bulletin Board request. Carmen wants to go to Oddward Valley on a fishing trip. Head into the valley where you’ll be interrupted by Carlos and warped to the fishing resort instead.
  • 6 Hearts: “About My Brother” Bulletin Board request. You’ll need to complete Carlos’ “Show Me What You’re Made Of!” request first. This requires you to catch two Throbby Snappers, which are rare fish found in all seasons, indicated by a large shadow. Once they’re caught, Carmen’s request should open. All you need to do for her is head to her house between 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm.
  • 7 Hearts: “Date Time, Round Two!” Mailbox request. Carmen wants you to take her to Summit Gate in Oddward Valley. This is the screen right before the boss arena.
  • 8 Hearts: “Can We Talk?” Mailbox request. All you need to do here is talk to Carmen and watch the story scene play out.
  • 9 Hearts: “I Want to See You” Mailbox request. Take Carmen to the Flower Field in Privera Forest.

Rune Factory 3 Special is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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