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Rune Factory 3 Special Marian Romance Guide

Rune Factory 3 Marian
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Marian is one of the bachelorettes in Rune Factory 3 Special. She’s the local witch in training who is constantly experimenting with potions and subjecting unwitting villagers to their effects. She’s got a lot of enthusiasm, but limited knowledge. Her relationship storyline has you help her realize her potential and not explode the other residents.

Where Do You Find Marian in Rune Factory 3 Special?

If she’s not out and about, you can usually find Marian at the apothecary, just east from the main shopping area. This is where she lives with her grandmother and mentor Marjorie, who acts as the town’s doctor. If Marian’s not at the counter, she’ll usually be in the back mixing potions in the big cauldron.

If you’re taking her on a date, she loves the Starfall Dune in Sol Terrano Desert.

What Gifts Do You Give Marian in Rune Factory 3 Special?

Surprisingly, Marian’s requests don’t involve bringing her ingredients for her potions. Instead, you can appeal to her love of green vegetables. Specifically, she likes White Cabbage, Leek, Spinach, Green Pepper, Cucumber, Pumpkin or Cabbage, which can all be grown in your fields.

To really get her attention, use those veggies to cook her some meals. Fried Veggies or Vegetable Juice are good bets. However, she hates tomatoes, so avoid anything containing them.

Rune Factory 3 Marian Conversation

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How Do You Trigger Heart Events with Marian in Rune Factory 3 Special?

  • 1 Heart: “Immediate Opening Available” Bulletin Board Request. Marian will ask you to deliver a potion to Collette at the diner. Colette will swap this for a different potion, which you simply need to take back to Marian.
  • 2 Hearts: “Open Trials” Bulletin Board request. Marian wants test subjects. Head out and ask around, and everyone will decline. Return with the bad news and you’ll be her test subject instead. She’ll give you a reward as an apology when you wake up.
  • 3 Hearts: “Secret Potion” Bulletin Board request. Marian wants to test a new potion on Collette. Find her behind the tree in the plaza.
  • 4 Hearts: “Accomplice Needed” Mailbox request. You’ll need to complete Marjorie’s “Delivery Request” mailbox request before this unlocks. After completing that, Marian will ask you to take her to the Starfall Dune in Sol Terrano Desert.
  • 5 Hearts: “I’m Hopeless” Mailbox request. Head to the apothecary and you’ll speak to Marjorie. Marian’s gone to the desert. Head to the Bone Bridge area and you’ll find her collapsed on the ground. Defeat all the monsters and speak to her to get her home.
  • 6 Hearts: “Acquisitions Opening” Bulletin Board request. Marian wants more test subjects. This time, she’ll accompany you as you run around town asking for volunteers. Return to the apothecary when Marian says she’s spoken to enough people.
  • 7 Hearts: “We Need to Talk” Mailbox request. Marian wants to head to a couple of places with you. Head to Dragon Lake (the fishing pond), then to the plaza after the scene.
  • 8 Hearts: “Verification Required” Mailbox request. Marian wants you to take her to Overlook Pass in Oddward Valley. This is found two screens before the boss arena.
  • 9 Hearts: “Can I Ask You Something?” Mailbox request. During your chat, Rusk runs in to say that Collette is sick. Head to the diner where Marian will ask you for a Withered Grass, found in your fields if crops die.

Rune Factory 3 Special is available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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