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Rune Factory 3 Special Switch and PC Release Date Set

Rune Factory 3 Special Switch and PC Release Date Set

XSeed Games announced a release date for the Switch and PC versions of Rune Factory 3 Special. People will be able to find the game on both platforms on September 5, 2023. It also noted that digital and physical copies will come up, but that those will be discussed later. There’s also a new trailer showing off the game and its localization.

The Rune Factory 3 Special release date trailer begins with a clip of its opening movie while the game’s theme song plays. It then shows Micah in dungeons, fighting both as a human and a Woolie. Farming and crafting segments appear after that. This includes showing how clearing a field goes. From there, it briefly looks at fishing and cooking.

After that, it shows off the romantic elements of Rune Factory 3 Special. In particular, this portion begins by showing Micah getting closer to Pia. After that, we see a confession from Raven and Micah talking to Karina. Then, Micah sees shooting stars with Sakuya on the beach. It starts to close out with a confession scene with Shara.

The Rune Factory 3 Special Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam release date is September 5, 2023 outside Japan. It showed up on the Switch in Japan on March 2, 2023. The original Rune Factory 3 can be found on the Nintendo DS.

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