festivalNot enough RPGs for the Wii? Xseed has you covered with Rune Factory: Frontier which comes out next week — Tuesday, March 17 to be specific. While this game doesn’t have a dragon slaying story and an agitated hero Rune Factory: Frontier has an innovative mix of farming and dungeon crawling.


Fans of the first Nintendo DS game should recognize the protagonist. Raguna is back and he’s living on a flying land mass shaped like a whale. Natsume localized the portable Rune Factory titles so it will be interesting to see what Xseed does now that the torch is in their hands.


battle_1 battle_2 battle_3 boat_date cooking creating_items expansion(before) expansion(after) farm_1 farm_2 farm_3 farm_4 farm_dungeon  fishing runeys_prosperity runeys_gather whale_island_farm

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