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Rune Factory Series Producer Shares A Brief Message On The Future



Earlier this morning, we received the shocking news that Rune Factory developer Neverland will be ceasing operation due to sluggish performance from recent business environment changes. Rune Factory producer at Marvelous AQL Yoshifumi Hashimoto posted a short message in regard to the series and team on the game’s official blog.


Here’s a look at what Hashimoto posted on the blog:


“Hello, Hashimoto here.


How are you guys enjoying Rune Factory 4?


I’d like to take this occasion to make a comment about the future.


As of now, it’ll still remain a secret as to what kind of title we’ll be releasing next, but I can say that the staff members are still doing great.


I will leave it at that for now, and I thank you for your continued support.


Producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto”

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