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Ryota Osaka Says He Feels Bad for Genshin Impact Bennett’s Poor Luck

Genshin Impact Bennett Ryota Osaka

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo released a new cast member interview with Ryota Osaka, Bennett’s voice actor. The company uploaded the video to its official YouTube channel and shared a tweet. Osaka explained that he feels bad for Bennett’s poor luck, though the two share similarities. We have translated highlights from the interview below.

Ryota Osaka started the interview with his impressions of Bennett and the Genshin Impact world. Osaka said he was very impressed with the game’s beauty and with how much attention-to-detail there is. He really appreciated that the scenery is not just a background—players can go as far as the eye can see. Osaka also loves the battles and how smooth character animations are.

As for his feelings on Bennett, Osaka described the character as a bit of a rascal with bad luck. Misfortune seems to follow Bennett wherever he goes, and Osaka said he can’t help but feel bad for him. However, the voice actor did say he was similar to Bennett in that they are both very positive people. Osaka explained if he has a problem or something is bothering him, he can get over it rather quickly, and he’s usually fine the following day. In contrast, he explained that Bennett is more confident rather than cautious, which is unlike Osaka.

Ryota Osaka also talked about other Genshin Impact characters besides Bennett. The voice actor said he likes older-sister types like Ningguang, Beidou, and Lisa. He also revealed he has a soft spot for adorable characters. He elaborated by saying they make him want to do things like give the characters piggyback rides or caress their heads. Osaka then brought up Paimon, stating he wants to rub his hands on her head and make a mess of her hair.

Finally, Osaka said he would love to journey through Genshin Impact‘s world. The voice actor enjoys traveling, so he would want to jump off the highest mountain in the game and soar around with the wing glider. Osaka ended the interview by encouraging players to try Bennett out because he is a very useful character.

Genshin Impact is available on PlayStation 4, PC, iOS devices, and Android devices. A Nintendo Switch version is still reportedly in development. You can check out our coverage of miHoYo’s previous interviews with Hu Tao’s voice actor and Keqing’s voice actor, as well.

Oni Dino
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