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SaGA 2015 For PlayStation Vita Will Have Multiple Protagonists



Series creator Akitoshi Kawazu recently announced that a new SaGa game is in development for PlayStation Vita, called SaGa 2015 (working title). He shared a few more details on the game in a Q&A session featured in this week’s Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Game Jouhou]


Q: What kind of game is SaGa 2015?

A: A regular RPG.


Q: What kind of gameplay system [will it have]?

A: There’s something like an extension of the free-scenario system [where players can tackle the story in any order] in it. There are also multiple protagonists.


Q: Who is the character holding two swords?

A: The god of the world. His name is Firebringer. As far as the black-haired male and the female characters go, I can’t say anything, yet.


Q: Please tell us about the world.

A: The world setting is close to Romancing SaGa, so if you look at it that way, you could say that it’s like Romancing SaGa 4; however, there are parts that are different from Romancing SaGa, so it’s kind of hard to say.


SaGa 2015 is in development for PlayStation Vita.

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