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SaGa Emerald Beyond Demo Will Have Different Protagonists

The console and Windows PC demo for SaGa Emerald Beyond will come out at midnight on April 4, 2024 in Japan, with the worldwide release following. Your playable protagonist will change depending on what system you play on. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

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Those who play the demo on the Nintendo Switch will get to play as Ameya. Her story focuses on her double life as a normal student and a witch-in-training. However, she loses her magic right before her witch-in-training graduation exam, forcing her to go on an adventure to get it back.

Those on the PS4 and PS5 will play as Tsunanori Mido. He is a member of the prestigious Mido family and can control animated puppets, or kugutsu. He and his kugutsu must travel to various worlds to seek four elemental spirits and restore order.

Finally, those who play on Steam will play as Diva No 5. She is a singing mech but after she sang a forbidden song, she lost her memory and her ability to sing. After that, she abandons her body. These three in the demo are not the only protagonists that you’ll be able to play as in the final version of SaGa Emerald Beyond.

SaGa Emerald Beyond is a new standalone RPG from the SaGa series. In it, you’ll be able to play as five protagonists with their own stories and goals. It’ll feature seventeen unique worlds, which you can access via the Beyond.

SaGa Emerald Beyond will come out on April 25, 2024 for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices.

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