It’s Not Saiyuki, It’s Soul Of Deva: The Saiyugi Fantasy

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I was thrown for a second, too, when I saw the subtitle and thought it might be a Saiyuki game. But no, the latest game from Kemco is Soul of Deva: The Saiyugi Fantasy and is an all-original RPG.


Players are Shin, who works with Senia—a girl called the Messiah. Always a loaded term, that one. Can you guess what we’re doing then? Why, you’re journeying to the West to the land of Ragurisu! So well, yeah, kind of a Saiyuki, in the loosest possible way.


Along the way, you’ll encounter allies such as Gyoku, who’s sworn to protect Senia; Hagu, who’s Shin’s big brother in a way; and Jyou, who just looks so badass with that cross hanging from his hands. The game’s got a classic battle system, with the added depth of movable units during fights on a fixed grid.


This means skills that you unleash have specific target ranges and zones which can help to multi-hit more than one foe. It also means there are spells that can help stop up foes from moving – such as a summonable wall – or just place environmental hazards like that massive ticking time bomb. No mention if the bad guys can do this too, though it’s probably safe to assume some can for added tactical depth.



Also, since it’s a mobile game and wants you coming back for more, it will actually offer a special “bonus encounter” every half-hour. You’ll get to pick from one of three chests to randomly get a bonus item. That’s pretty cool. Why look free in the mouth?


Soul of Deva: The Saiyugi Fantasy is available now on Android, and will be on iOS in 2014.

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