Sakura Ignoramus Trailer Introduces Himawari

sakura ignoramus

Marvelous released a story trailer, as well as opened up an official site, for its upcoming new simulation RPG Sakura Ignoramus. This is the latest work from Oji Hiroi. Hiroi previously wrote Far East of Eden, as well as the Sakura Wars franchise. It seems that there will be different trailers in the future focusing on various story beats. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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The first trailer for Sakura Ignoramus is the Destruction and Rebirth Arc. In the world of Sakura Ignoramus, there are mysterious enemies called “Kegare,” or “Black Fire,” and the only ones who can defeat them are people from the Tribe of Fire. The setting takes place after World War III, which was so destructive that it erased a lot of existing countries. One of them, Owari, managed to get back on its feet fairly fast due to its preparations prior to the war.

However, Owari’s peace does not last for long. An attack causes the city to go up in flames, and Himawari, as well as other members of the Tribe of Fire, have to stand up and fight. They also have to save the world from the Final Day.

You can watch the trailer here:

The trailer mostly focuses on Himawari, as well as setting up the overall lore for the story. In Japanese, Karin Takahashi voices her. Takahashi previously appeared as Yui Natsukawa in Ace of Diamond, Van Gogh in Fate/Grand Order, and Kobeni on Chainsaw Man. The other girls in the Tribe of Fire – Sazanka, Nazuna, and Azami – will likely get focus trailers in the future.

Sakura Ignoramus will come out on mobile devices in 2023, and you can pre-register via Twitter.

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