Sakura Revolution Extended Trailer Declares a Rebellion

Sakura Revolution Gameplay Trailer

Sakura Revolution, the mobile spin-off of the 

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Sakura Wars franchise, has made clear its seditious intentions via a new extended gameplay trailer. First aired during October 20, 2020’s Aogashima Command Communique livestream, the trailer is the biggest look yet at the game in action. It features battle mechanics, cutscenes, new characters, and what looks to be footage of a gacha roll in action. The video is set to “Our Prayer, Our Future,” a new song sung by the Imperial Opera Troupe. Based on the description of the trailer titled “The Sakura Revolution Revue Video”, it’s intended to provide prospective players a capsule view of the game ahead of its Fall 2020 Japanese launch.

Check out the Sakura Revolution extended trailer below, with our translation of some of the elements shown:

The song itself is a rather martial anthem, with a chorus exhorting the listener to “take back” love and peace. Heroine Shino Sakura closes out the trailer with an impassioned speech, seemingly directed at her opponents in the Great Imperial Combat Revue B.L.A.C.K. Here are the translated lyrics.

Why are we fighting?
We both want to protect Japan, don’t we?
My sword is a sword that will take things from others.
My voice is a voice that now threatens others.
I don’t want a gray world!
I don’t want a silent world!
I don’t want a world where flowers don’t bloom!
I don’t want a world where you can’t chase your dreams!
I want a world where everyone can laugh as the cherry blossoms dance!
That’s why I’m raising my voice!
That’s why I’m raising this flag!
That’s why I’m holding this sword!
I’m going to make flowers bloom all over the colorless sky!
From now we won’t use Mirai!
But from now we’ll make the future!
I will fight!
My friends are with me!
We will awaken the Cherry Blossom Revolution!

Sakura Revolution Gameplay Trailer 2

As for the gameplay, Sakura Revolution‘s battle system and character progression appears roundly similar to the style and structure of Fate/Grand Order, another game from developer Delightworks. Battles take place in turn-base fashion, fighting waves of foes. Parties consist of three characters in the active vanguard with two characters in the back, and what looks to be a selectable support unit labeled “Friendly Troops.” The battle screen appears to have a positional element as well, with some characters having different attack ranges. An auto-battle and high-speed feature also appears to be available.

Sakura Revolution Gameplay Trailer 3

Each character is organized by their Spiricle Dress, with a corresponding elemental affinity system. Some elements appear to gain advantage over others, with certain colors weak to attacks from characters of their opposite element (red beats green, which beats gray, which beats blue, which beats red, and so on). Characters appear in multiple rarities, from two to five stars. Shino appears to be a four-star, while the newly revealed Iroha Miyazono and Moemi Washu are five-stars. Each Spiricle Dress appears to be unique, as well, and a variety of weapons are shown, from Shino’s twin swords to Natsumi Nagato’s combo flamethrower-electric guitar.

There’s also a character who appears to be wearing a Sega Saturn as a kind of VR headset.

Sakura Revolution will launch in Fall 2020 for iOS and Android in Japan. No international release plans have been detailed. Check out our previous report for a look at the game’s backstory.

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