Sakura Wars Creator’s New Project Announced As Millennium Sisters For Smartphone



Last year it was revealed that Sakura Wars and Far East of Eden creator Oji Hiroi is working on a new project with Geo, and it was announced today as Millennium Sisters (tentative) for smartphone.


In a teaser for this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, we have some tidbits of information as well as a glimpse with tiny preview images.



The character designs are being handled by Tsukigami Luna.



The game takes place on a planet that has been taken over by machines, and the protagonist will fight alongside twelve constellation girls known as the “Millennium Sisters.”



The above is a look at two of the twelve girls with Vivi of Pisces on the left and Zara of Sagittarius on the right.


Additionally, the game will have all kinds of different features that don’t exist in current smartphone games, but details will have to wait a little longer on that.


Millennium Sisters (tentative title) is in development for smartphone in Japan.

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