‘Sakura Wars’ Series Name Trademarked In Japan

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A new trademark for Sakura Wars has been discovered in Japan, but what’s interesting is that the franchise has been trademarked as ‘Sakura Wars’ in English, rather than its Japanese equivalent, which would be ‘Sakura Taisen’. [Thanks, Poros Neustein!]


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The application was filed by Sega Games on February 26, 2019, and has been filed for various uses in entertainment, such as video games, music, movies, streaming services, and more. While usually trademarks don’t mean a whole lot usually, what’s interesting is the application for the English title, which could hint at some sort of announcement for the upcoming Sakura Wars game, or even some sort of rerelease of the series. However, as usual, it’s best to take these possibilities with a grain or two of salt.


Apart from this trademark, the Sakura Wars series has seen a lot of movement recently, with a collaboration with Star Ocean: Anamnesis, two different art exhibits, among others. Sakura Wars has only been released in the West once thanks to NIS America, with Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, the fifth game which came out for PS2 and Wii.


The new Sakura Wars game is in development for “modern platforms” and is set in the year Taisho 29 (1940).

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