Sakura Wars Is Still Alive And Kicking… Just Not As A Videogame



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This post brought to you by the realization that Sakura Wars is still going strong… just, not quite where you’d expect it. The series hasn’t seen a proper game for quite a while now—despite a cameo from protagonists Sakura and Ohgami in Project X Zone—but still continues to draw in the crowds by performing its day job cover of musicals in Japan.


The trailer above is for the Blu-Ray/DVD release that covers the New York branch of the series, and is titled Sakura Wars New York Star Group Show 2013: Wild West Hope. It’s one of the productions put on show recently.


For those not in the know, Sakura Wars’ groups used a music theatre locale as their cover ops while not fighting evil demon monsters in their mecha-steampunk/spirit-powered suits, and was supposed to have been a hat tip to Japan’s own famed Takarazaku Revue (So famous they named the train station in the area after them).


Furthermore, it’s actually surprisingly common for animes, video games and the like to get their own musical number in Japan. Games such as Phoenix Wright, animes like Bleach and Prince of Tennis have all been turned into musical song and dance numbers with actual storylines before. They’re usually not too shabby either.


If you’re interested in the disc, the Blu-Ray and DVD go on sale from the 28th of November.

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