Sakura Wars: The Animation Shows Off Its Grand Opening Movie

sakura wars the animation

Sakura Wars may be coming West in April 2020, but that’s not the only thing releasing then. Sakura Wars The Animation, the anime adaptation of the game will also begin airing on April 3, 2020 on Japanese late night TV. The opening for the anime has now been released on Youtube.

Check out the Sakura Wars: The Animation opening:

While the anime will feature the main cast of Sakura Wars, the anime’s story will be different than the game’s. The anime will follow an original storyline, where Floral Division captain Seijurou Kamiyama transfers to Europe for a while and returns with a young girl named Clara, said to be the only survivor of the Moscow Combat Revue. Acting captain Sakura Amamiya welcomes Clara onto the team, but suddenly a group calling themselves the Moscow Combat Revue appears in the Imperial Capital, forcing Sakura and the others to figure out the truth behind Clara’s past and the true intentions of this mysterious group.

Like the game, Sakura Wars The Animation will use “Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan -Shinshou-” as its opening theme. The ending theme is a brand-new song titled “Sakura Yumemishi,” sung by Sakura Amamiya voice actress Ayane Sakura.

Sakura Wars is immediately available on the PlayStation 4 in Japan and will come to the west on April 28, 2020. Its animated series will begin airing on April 3, 2020. A stage play will be held in Japan in March 2020.

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