Sakurai Talks A Few Extra Details Regarding Joker In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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With the big news of Joker’s reveal and the new features coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate yesterday, director Masahiro Sakurai took to Twitter afterwards to reveal a few more details regarding the mysterious thief.


Here are the highlights:

joker smash 2

While the trailer showed off Joker’s victory animation as his usual one where he begins to run in circles, in one of the other two variations, he goes into the Morgana Car and drives off. Sakurai talks about how the blood vessels in the background are from the deeper areas of Mementos, and reminds players that victory animations are selectable by holding down left, up, or right on the D-pad.


joker smash 1

joker smash 3 joker smash 4

joker smash 5 joker smash 6

As shown off, the Mementos stage changes appearances based on the song playing, and Joker’s victory screen will reflect this as well. The victory music from the appropriate Persona game will play as well.

But hold on, what about the green variation? That one is exclusive to free-for-all mode, and Sakurai notes that it’s quite an unusual color.


joker smash 7

Joker has several differently colored costumes to choose from, and you can find these particular costumes on slots 3, 4, and 5 of the costume list, as an homage to the main colors of each Persona game from 3 onwards.


joker smash 8

joker smash 9

There are two variations of All-Out Attacks as used by Joker in his Final Smash – each with different Phantom Thieves members participating.


joker smash 10

joker smash 11

Furthermore, if you win the game in Stock matches with Joker’s All-Out Attack, the game will go straight into the results screen just like in Persona 5.


joker smash 12

There are 11 new songs and 3 new results songs being added with DLC Pack 1, with ‘Beneath the Mask’, ‘Aria of the Soul’, and ‘I’ll Face Myself’ from Persona 4 getting new arrangements. ‘Beneath the Mask’ has been arranged by Xenoblade composer ACE, with new vocals from Lyn.


joker smash 13 joker smash 14

All the Phantom Thieves members show up in the Mementos stage other than Futaba, who will sometimes say a line during the All-Out Attack and during the Victory screen. The Phantom Thieves have three lines each, with some limited to some forms of battle, such as how Ryuji will talk about how uncool the opponents are in battles against multiple opponents. All the voices are newly recorded.


joker smash 15 joker smash 16

Finally, a new icon is available for DLC Spirits, where they are endlessly re-challengeable. All the DLC Spirits will go into this menu, including future ones.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available on Nintendo Switch. Joker and Ver. 3.0 releases today.

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