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Samurai Warriors: Spirit Of Sanada Goes Over Its Battles And Stratagems




To help prepare people for Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada, Koei Tecmo has released new information, screenshots, and a trailer that go over some in-battle elements people will experience. While many parts are typical features you’d find in a Warriors game, this installment does introduce new gameplay concepts like Multi-Stage Battles, Secondary Battles, Feats, Stratagems.


The Multi-Stage Battles and Secondary Battlefields come into play during standard combat. In some instances, the Sanada family will take part in a conflict that can’t be resolved in a single fight. This means there will be multiple battles in a row, with events inspired by history taking place during them. The Secondary Battlefields let you get extra experience and items in fights where Sanada family members weren’t involved.


When in any of these fights, you can sometimes use Stratagems. These are special strategies that can change each time. These are earned by completing Feats, combat tests, in Castle Town. When you get Sanada Six Coins from feats, you can use them for these special tactics.


Finally, time will now be an element in-battle. There will be a day/night cycle. Dring the day, you’re more likely to see officers. It’s also easier to see the field. At night, ninjas can appear and it is harder to see things.


SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot16 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot17 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot18 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot19 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot01 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot02 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot03 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot04 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot05 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot06 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot07 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot08 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot09 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot10 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot11 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot12 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot13 SWSpiritofSanada_Screenshot14


Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada will come to the PlayStation 4 and PC in North America on May 23, 2017. The European release will follow on May 26, 2017.

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