Sand Land Gameplay Detailed In Latest Overview
Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment

Sand Land Gameplay Detailed In Latest Overview

Bandai Namco Entertainment shared new gameplay details in its latest overview trailer for Sand Land. The latest video details the party, combat, vehicles, and more in the Sand Land game.

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In the Sand Land game, the party will primarily consist of Beelzebub, Thief, Rao, and Ann. While Beelzebub is the main playable character, the other party members each contribute during combat and in exploration in some way. Thief is able to assist with getting additional items from enemies or finding rare loot while exploring the world of Sand Land. Rao can ride on tanks and attack enemies temporarily during combat. Ann is able to increase the performance and efficiency of vehicles. Many different skills for the party can be unlocked by using skill points on their individual skill tree.

In combat, Beelzebub can utilize light and heavy attacks on ground and in the there. Dodging can also be done in midair or sideways on land. Beelzebub can also sneak behind enemies and scare them into unconsciousness.

Some of Beelzebub’s special abilities include turning his body to metal, or activating his Dark Release, an area-of-effect attack that blows enemies away with a dark blast of energy from his body. While in combat, items can be utilized to power up his attack, defense, or power of darkness. Water can also be used to heal HP, and it can be restocked at water supply points.

There are plenty of vehicles available in the game, including a jump bot that bounces over high cliffs, hover cars that glide over water, and heavy armor that can clear pathways by lifting or blowing away obstacles. Only five vehicles can be carried at a time, so players must plan ahead over which ones to bring while exploring the world of Sand Land. Also, if a vehicle is destroyed in combat, then it is an automatic game over.

Vehicles can be customized by Ann in her garage. Players will be able to build, upgrade, and equip vehicles while in the garage. Some upgrades that can be made to vehicles include adding rocket launchers, lasers, machine guns, and shotguns. Engines and suspension can be upgraded to boost the performance of a vehicle, and optional parts can unlock special performance skills for vehicles. The back room of the garage is customizable with a variety of different pieces of furniture.

Spino City is also the home base for Beelzebub and his party which contains the garage as well as various merchants. As side quests are completed, items are recovered from across the world map of the Sand Land game, and enemies are defeated, Spino City will grow and upgrade with new NPCs and merchants.

There is plenty of side content in the game including races to test vehicle speed, bounty hunts against strong enemies, and the battle arena which allows Beelzebub to fight against strong bosses.

The gameplay overview trailer for the Sand Land game can be viewed below:

The Sand Land game is based on the original manga created by Akira Toriyama and ran in Weekly Shonen Jump. The game will focus on the storyline of the manga, but features a brand new story elements and characters.

The Sand Land game will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC on April 26, 2024.

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