SAO Progressive Movie 2 English North American Release Set for 2023

SAO Progressive Movie 2

Sword Art Online -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night (a.k.a. Scherzo of Dark Dusk) will get theatrical showings in North America. The official Sword Art Online account announced that SAO Progressive movie 2 will appear in U.S. and Canadian theaters in February of 2023. It arrived in Japanese theaters in October 2022.

The announcement also included a new trailer previewing the English dub of SAO Progressive movie 2.

Scherzo of Deep Night is the second film in the Sword Art Online -Progressive- series, after Aria of a Starless Night. Like AriaScherzo takes place during the Aincrad storyline of SAO‘s history, when Kirito and Asuna were trapped inside the death game. Each film in the SAO Progressive movie series corresponds roughly to a volume of the original novels, which in turn covers the story of a “floor” in the Aincrad dungeon. Scherzo of Deep Night is the fourth volume of SAO Progressive, and covers the cast’s adventures on the 5th floor of Aincrad. Kirito and Asuna arrive on the 5th floor two months into the death game, and struggle on the front lines of progress. Not only do they have to deal with the dangers of the 5th floor’s labyrinthine layout, but also the politics of the guilds leading the raiding parties, and the emergence of PKers – Player-Killers – that don’t care about the fact that if you die in SAO, you die for real.

SAO Progressive movie 2, Scherzo of Deep Night, will appear in select theaters in North America in February 2023.

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