Saucer-Like Features Striking, Surreal Visuals For Its Unsettling Rituals



Yanagi is expected to take part in a ritual that will involve everyone from his village, and it will be up to the player to guide his actions through point & click puzzles as he decides whether he wishes to be a part of it in Saucer-Like.




Yanagi is a member of a tribe of forest guardians, and when the player takes control of him, it is the day he is supposed to take part in an ancient ritual. The developers do not say what this ritual entails, but Yanagi is unsure whether he wishes to be a part of it, and will have to decide if he wishes to turn his back on his tribe or not.


Players will guide Yanagi on his introspection by wandering the village and surrounding forest, taking in the surreal, striking visuals of the place, as well as Yanagi’s own animated motions. The sombre art style is accompanied by an equally evocative soundtrack, aiming to place the player in a thoughtful mood as they experience Yanagi’s turmoil and the game’s puzzles.




Players can help Yanagi on his personal quest and experience the strange new world of Saucer-Like by getting it on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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