Save Your Childhood Home By Creating Art In This New Visual Novel



The two-sister team at Unseen Kingdom have released their visual novel Artisan: Going Home Again for Windows.


You play as Ellie as she attempts to take up a career as an artist in order to save her childhood home from being sold on. You start off as a waitress, but Ellie has weak ankles, a weak memory, and the pay just isn’t good enough.


So, instead, you need to help her fine tune her art skills, build a professional reputation, and keep up her enthusiasm for painting and drawing day in and day out.



You’ll also get to meet new friends, including a potential love interest, that all unlock new gameplay features. You can dress Ellie up in 15 different stat-boosting outfits, and work your way towards over a dozen endings.


Artisan: Going Home Again is available to purchase for $9.99 on its sales page through Humble Store or Desura. You can also grab a demo right here.

Chris Priestman