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Save Cities From Low-poly pile-ups in Urban Flow, Out Now on Switch

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Urban Flow is available now for Nintendo Switch

There’s an art to keeping traffic running smoothly. Baltoro Games’ latest release, Urban Flow, lets you play at being that “artist”; guide vehicles safely on their journey around the city, using only the traffic lights. Get it wrong, however, and it makes for car-crash viewing–literally.

Launched exclusively on Nintendo Switch, this puzzle game challenges you with 100 levels in its single-player campaign mode, each set in a vibrant, low-poly urban sprawl. You take control of key traffic lights over junctions, motorways and roundabouts as cars, lorries and other vehicles rumble along. See if you can keep things moving in an orderly manner by artfully changing the right lights at the perfect time. Making this balancing act even more difficult are ambulances, trains, tanks and other unexpected vehicles you’ll have to factor into your timing.

As well as single-player campaign mode, other gameplay options include an endurance-testing Endless mode, and a Chill mode where there‚Äôs no time limit or scorekeeping–just free-flowing traffic for you to direct. You can also get up to four friends to join in thanks to the local co-op mode. Each of you is put in charge of different traffic lights, allowing for collaborative play–or competitive chaos. The game includes various extra achievements to complete and rewards to unlock, and can be played via touch controls, Joy-Cons or Pro controllers.

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Take control of the roads in Urban Flow, available on Nintendo Switch now.

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