She Save Is A Sidescoller Of Nonstop Colossal Boss Fights



A girl with horns squares off against gigantic dragons, beating them down in challenging sidescrolling combat in order to save something in She Save.


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The horned girl is strong and highly acrobatic, able to leap and rush around while defending against the dragons’ huge attacks using her shield and strike back with her blade. She will need to stay on the move, as the dragons will move in and out of range, layering the playing field with fire, lightning, and other deadly attacks, offering few safe places to hide. Players have a little healing magic should they get hit, but it won’t save them for long should they play carelessly.


She Save features large, detailed dragons for its nonstop boss fights, each having a unique appearance and a daunting stature compared to the player’s avatar. Each of these beasts will be fought in varied arenas, with the dragons able to flee to the background to launch different attacks at the player.




She Save is raising votes for a Steam release on Greenlight, but offers no release date on the page.

Alistair Wong
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