Who Says Monster Hunters Can’t Be Fashionable?

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Monster Hunter Frontier G’s regular Tonfa-like “Senryuu Kon” weapons have nothing on the bling-bling of these gold Senryuu Kons. In order to get your fists around these, though, you’ll need to pick up the new “Premium Package” boxed set being released to celebrate Monster Hunter Frontier GG (Pronounced “Double G” rather than “GG”) in Japan.


The box art looks suitably spiffy, featuring a soldier all ready to get into the thick of things while wielding electric, sparkly tonfas.


The package will retail for 5,800 yen (US$58) and come with a host of extras to make it worth the while. Check some of them out below, starting with gold and silver matching sets of the Senryuu Kon.


Guenbishando the Gold:


Feiarubishuna the Silver:




The red Great Sword Raoutodia:


And Blue Great Sword Ruperusudia


There are also a set of Heavy Bowgun weaponry carbines in either red or blue (Are we beginning to see a pattern here?). Both of these are pictured below.




Moving on, we have the Onaburu Series Armor, which comes in not one, not two, but FOUR different colors to swear your soldierly allegiance with.


013 014

015 016

017 018


And finally, there was also another teaser set for the latest version of the Lava G Armor set as well as another Senryuu Kon weapon, the Midogaron. Check these out below.




Monster Hunter Frontier GG’s big update will land April 23rd. The game will also come to the Vita some time this year.

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