Scar Of The Doll Is A Mysterious Visual Novel From Folklore’s Scenario Writer




An updated English release of Scar of the Doll, the mystery visual novel from Hidehisa Miyashita, scenario writer for PS3 RPG Folklore, has recently released on Steam, letting players experience a harrowing tale of a woman looking for her missing sister in Tokyo.



Scar of the Doll has players assisting Asumi after she doesn’t hear from her sister for months, heading to Tokyo to find answers on what has happened to her. Through their actions, players will meet an array of complex characters and a twisted narrative of mystery, fear, and suspense, with its Steam page promising an “unpredictable story that will put you on the edge of your seat”.




Scar of the Doll is an upgrade of the 90’s visual novel (which had previously been ported to iOS as A Scar of the Doll), which offers improved visuals and all-new content, further complicating its storyline.

Alistair Wong
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